Today Matthew Lewis received an honorary degree from Leeds Metropolitan University.  He received a Master of the Arts degree for his contribution to the arts and his charity work.  (source)

My Leeds has released a new, 4 page interview with Matthew Lewis where he discusses how Harry Potter changed his life, Leeds and more! You can read the transcript of the full interview here.

How has being part of Harry Potter changed your life?
I grew up quickly. I was interacting with adults on a daily basis. You had to get used to the cameras. I don’t feel like I lost my childhood. There were loads of people the same age in the studio, so it was like being at school, but every now and then you’d do some filming.
Where do you live now?
I live in Horsforth, not far from my parents. I lived with friends in Burley Park when I was 18. They had a spare room in a student house. A year was definitely enough. The worst thing was the mess, it was awful – and most of it was mine!
What do you put your success down to? Is it all hard work?
You’ve no idea how lazy I am! Any success is 100% because of the people I have around me. My friends and family, mum and dad, were amazing. And I couldn’t have hoped for a better cast and director.



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